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10 Dumbest Sports Ever

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Shin Kicking Contest

Ostrich racing? Trampoline volleyball? Fish Throwing? What makes a sport an actual sport? That seems to be up for debate. Check out these strange and unusual competitions.

10. Shin Kicking-

It explains itself, you kick one another’s shin until one of you drops to the ground. There are shin-kicking world championships and people actually watch these events. I guess people get a real KICK out of it! (Bad pun)

Crab Racing

9. Crab Racing-

This is where people find and train crabs to race in a circle. This can also be done for birthday parties, but if your six year old loses, they might be a little CRABBY!

8. Bog Snorkeling-

Bog Snorkeling

This is a one on one match as the two participants try to swim through a small bog in the fastest amount of time. The fastest time wins! WOW!


7. Curling-

This is where one person throws a weight onto an ice sheet and two people ahead of it try to get it to slow down by using broom stick like brooms that stop the friction. The point is to try to get it on the bullseye in the target. Highest score wins. I’m BROOMING with excitement.

6. Chess Boxing-

Chess Boxing

Two people put a chess table in the middle of a boxing ring and play a few minutes, if there is not a checkmate in a set amount of time, then they go to boxing for a few minutes. If there is not a knockout, then they go back to chess and it keeps going until someone wins with either a checkmate or a knockout. When you watch it, you get a KNOCKOUT time!


5. Dressage-

“Quit HORSING around and get to work! We have a dance contest to win!” This sport in the Olympic Games is where you actually dance on a horse. The rider must sit on the horse as the horse does a bunch of “cool” moves to impress the judges.

4. Trampoline-

Olympic Trampolining

This is an official Olympic sport played by athletes. In this sport, you have to do a number of stunts the judges want you to do. It became an official Olympic sport in the year 2000. Most people who actually do get medals fail to repeat their performance. I bet some of them hope to BOUNCE back and win. But seriously, how is trampolining a sport?

Ferret Racing

3. Ferret Racing-

This is where you choose a ferret and race it through an obstacle course and see how fast it finishes. Fastest time wins. But… in this case is there really a winner? I mean, you are racing a ferret…

2. Cheese Rolling-

Participants line up on the top of a hill. As soon as a cheese wheel is rolled down the hill, participants run and tumble down trying to catch the cheese. If no one catches it, first one across the finish line wins. This is hosted every year in Gloucester, England at Cooper’s Hill. One year they couldn’t host it due to lack of ambulances. That’s how you know it’s a sport. Now, I know you guys are probably expecting a cheesy pun, but I don’t really have any that are Gouda…
To watch this, go to the link below.

1. Quidditch-

Yes, the Harry Potter sport is actually a sport in real life. Colleges such as UCLA, LSU, William and Mary and the University of Miami all have an actual quidditch team. Competing in tournaments, participants try to snatch the snitch to win the game. Q: Why does everyone hate Harry Potter fans? A: Because when you do something wrong, they always SNITCH on you!”

Check out this three minute video of the UCLA quidditch team. These guys are the real popular kids at UCLA!


2 Responses to “10 Dumbest Sports Ever”

  1. Gio Portales on September 12th, 2018 2:38 pm

    I think shin kicking is the best XD

  2. Bob Ewell on January 15th, 2019 10:04 am

    Qudditch is the best sport ever.

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10 Dumbest Sports Ever