How to Survive Middle School

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Middle school is easy, if you know the tips and tricks to get through it

  1. Don’t be late

This is a huge setback, try to get there as early as you can. When you are late, you miss things in class, and in middle school, if you are late or miss something it is not like elementary school where the teacher gives you a lot of time to do it in class. In middle school if you miss something, you do not get extra time in class and the due date is the same as everyone else’s. If there is a problem with getting there on time (like if your family member drives you and you’re always late) then take the bus. As long as you make the bus you should be fine.

  1. Make sure you always do your homework!

No doubt about it you should always do your homework! Most often, teachers do not give you time in class to do your homework, so make sure you do it at home. Robinson is scheduled with Blue and Gold days, so say Monday is a Blue Day the next day would be a Gold Day. There are different classes on each day, so if you have a homework assignment assigned on Monday, it is due Wednesday.

  1. Organize your locker!

It is very important to be organized in general in middle school. It is always nice when you know where everything is so you don’t have to be worried the night before a big project is due and you can’t find your paper. But the locker is where it becomes really important. People have different styles for their locker. Some people like to bring their whole locker with them home (in their backpack of course), others leave stuff in their locker because they don’t need it that night. I just bring my whole locker with me home because it is less of a worry and good to be safe.

  1. Do as much extra credit as possible!

This is a good one because if you do poorly on a test or an assignment you can earn some extra points so it wouldn’t be as bad. But if you’re doing really well in that class then I wouldn’t spend much time on that one class, do other things for other classes. So it is your decision whether to do extra credit or not, I just recommend it.

  1. Make friends with the right people!

You always want to make friends, just make sure they are the right kind. You do not want to be with someone that gets into a lot of trouble because they can involve you and then you would be the one getting in trouble. But if you have nice friends that can help you and are nice to you, you are absolutely fine. Just make good choices, what is better for you?

  1. Spend your time wisely in lunch!

Throughout the day, you may become hungry. If you are talking with your friends the whole lunch and not eating, it is bad news. You want to make sure you are getting all of the nutrients in your body. It will make your day a lot easier if you just eat your lunch. You do not want to be starving the whole day at school so your stomach is growling the whole day!

  1. Know you bus schedule!

At all times, know your bus numbers. There is a regular bus and a late bus. The late bus only comes in the afternoon, NOT IN THE MORNING! Make sure that you understand that the late bus does not come in the morning because some people think “Oh yeah I missed the bus but I’ll just stay here because the late bus is going to come”. That is not how it works, if you miss your bus in the morning then your parents have to take you to school. But in the afternoon if you miss the bus or have an after school activity there is a late bus that comes at 4:15 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  1. Make friends with you teachers for all of your classes!

If you are friends with your teacher, your teachers will have a much more pleasant time at school. It is important for your teacher to trust you and know that you will always do the right thing. Don’t be enemies with your teachers.

  1. Use your agenda!

This is a very good way to be organized. The agenda has every date in the school year and it makes things easier to keep track of. When teachers tell you to write down your homework, make sure you write it down. The most annoying thing in middle school is getting to your class and forgetting you have homework. But with your agenda, you can keep track of all of your homework and due dates.

  1. Don’t feel like you can only hang out with your friends from elementary school!

Just because you were friends with a group of people in elementary school, doesn’t mean you have to be friends in middle school. I am not saying it is bad to be friends with kids from your old school, because that is fine. Just make sure you know that they don’t have to be your only friends. You are supposed to make new friends in middle school, there is nothing wrong with that.

Good luck!