Art Students Participate in Chalk4Peace

img_3764-editStudents in the Robinson Middle School Art Foundations class collaborated as a class and then worked together in smaller groups to create mandala-inspired designs that were personally meaningful to them and to the welfare of the world.

Chalk4Peace began in Arlington, Va in 2003 as a Sunday sidewalk chalk project for children. The goal of this organization is to promote the arts and to provide a way for children to advocate for peace.

Ms. Patsch, Art Teacher:

“We started out by learning all about mandalas and what they represent- peace, symmetry, temporary art, earthly. Then we talked about peace and what it means to the students personally and in the world today. Students then grouped themselves and decided on an overall theme for their mandala design inspired drawings. It had to represent something important to them and to the welfare of our world. Before we ventured outside we did a lot of sketching and also talked about chalk art, Chalk4Peace, what an art installation means- temporary and permanent, etc.”