The Deal with Dress Codes

The Deal with Dress Codes

At every school, in every county, in every state and in every country, there are dress codes. While they aren’t the most loved thing about school, dress codes are put in place to keep every student safe and comfortable. Dress codes also protect a student’s rights to express themselves and their opinions.

Students often complain about how annoying the FCPS dress codes are, but compared to some other schools, are our dress codes really all that bad?

Here at Robinson

According to the 2016-2017 FCPS Student Handbook, students should wear clothes that are “suitable for a K-12 environment”. Students aren’t allowed to wear any clothing that promotes violence and illegal activity or behavior, or that have any kind of swear words. Students also have to keep their midriffs and all undergarments covered.  

While these dress codes are in the rule book, many students say they aren’t enforced regularly. Students often get away with making slight dress code violations. Many female students also feel that the dress codes here are more restricting on them than they are on their male peers.   

“The girls aren’t given as much freedom with the dress code as the guys are; we’re too restricted,” Bri J, 7th grade, said.  


Dress codes at Robinson can sometimes be annoying, but there are no uniforms here. In Oklahoma City Public Schools, however, the students aren’t so lucky. In most OKCPS schools, students have to wear uniforms, with tops that can be white, red, blue, or black and bottoms that can be khaki, black,or blue, and these colors can vary from schools to school. Students cannot wear any kind of clothing that has a logo or design without getting it approved by the school, according to the OKCPS student handbook.

Kids should be able to express themselves however they like.”

— Lexi, E, 8th

The Hair Codes

Hair, as well as clothes, can be a fun way for students to express themselves. Students often like to dye their hair or cut it in fun ways, but at at Edna High School and Edna Junior High in Texas, this isn’t allowed. The dress code says that students aren’t allowed to have any hair color  or style that is considered “bizarre or unnatural”. For boys, hair must be kept at a “classic length”, meaning it can’t be longer than the eyebrows or long enough to touch the collar of their shirt. They are also not allowed to have Mohawks.

Not only does the dress code restrict hair styles, it also restricts piercings, saying that any visible body piercings that are not on the ears aren’t allowed. At this school, boys aren’t allowed to have any visible piercings at all, even on the ears.   

Dress codes are an essential part of school. So before you put on that super cute crop top or slip on those awesome shorts, make sure they comply with the dress codes, so students can stay focused on school and their academics.