After School Book Club to Meet on October 31

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The Robinson Middle School Book Club will meet after school on Monday, Oct. 31 in the library. The club is lead by Ms. Hamm, a Robinson librarian. Students will decide on a book to read and they will have a month to read it. Then, the group will meet up again at the beginning of the month and discuss the book. Ms. Hamm will provide books for students to borrow.

The first book that students will be reading is Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine. Ms. Hamm decided to choose this book because she felt the book would appeal to all students, not just all boys or all girls. She described this book as very powerful and encourages students to learn from the characters’ experiences.

Ms. Hamm will not choose the book for the group every time. She surveyed her students, and the vast majority chose books from the historical fiction, realistic fiction, and mysteries/suspenseful genres.

If you love reading and discussing books, this club is for you. Remember, the next meeting is on October 31. Students are welcome to attend even if they haven’t read this month’s book.