Blast Off! Tech Ed Classes Launch Bottle Rockets

img_9260Every year, Mr. Snyder’s and Mrs. Krellwitz’s Tech Ed classes work on science/technology/ engineering/mathematics projects that help them learn more about physics. Students work on various projects such as CO2 cars, gliders, and even bottle rockets. Recently, Mr. Snyder and Mrs.Krellwitz’s classes have been working on their water powered bottle rockets.

One reason students work on the bottle rocket project is to learn more about Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. Once they learn more about the laws of motion they can apply this knowledge in other projects.

In order to work on the bottle rockets, students bring in or are provided with an empty 16 oz. soda bottle. Students then, using hot glue, attach three student designed fins to the bottle and a cone at the end of it. These help with the aerodynamics and stability.

“In the making of the rockets, we learned a lot about the laws of gravity and thrust. To top off all that learning, launching the rockets was a cool demonstration,” said Cooper R, 7th
Once they’re finished assembling their rockets, students head to the upper field to launch their rockets. The rockets are filled halfway with water and then have air pumped into them to help build up pressure. Once the right amount of pressure is achieved, students pull a lever and their rocket is launched ~100 ft. into the air. Students see Newton’s Third law in real life – for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
“It was really fun to see my rocket go really high into the air, and it was also fun to fill my rocket up with the water,” said Cameron Paratore, 7th grade.