The Legend of Bunnyman Bridge

Bunnyman Bridge is located in Clifton, VA.

At first glance, the Clifton Overpass, located in Clifton Va., seems rather unassuming. A simple brick tunnel supporting a set of train tracks, slapped with a fresh coat of eggshell-white paint, no more than 20 feet long. Seems like nothing, right? Well, maybe not if you think of it by its other name: Bunnyman Bridge.

According to urban legend, and the site, the story of Bunnyman Bridge dates back to 1904. The story goes that in 1904, a criminal insane asylum located in Fairfax was shut down due to public outrage. As the prisoners were being transported to the nearby Lorton prison, one of the transport buses broke down. Many prisoners were killed, but many others escaped into the surrounding forest.

Eventually, the police rounded up all the escapees, except for one. A man by the name of Douglas J. Grifton.

Soon after the bus accident, local residents started reporting half eaten bunny carcasses littering the forest and hanging from trees. Tension and fears started to grow until one day, a man named Marcus Wallster, was found hanging from the bridge, completely skinned with his organs eaten out. The police only had one suspect for all of these odd occurrences. Douglas J. Grifton, now appropriately dubbed “Bunnyman”.

Finally, the police confronted him at the infamous bridge. As he was trying to escape, he was hit by a train and killed immediately.

Although he is long gone, it is said that his spirit still haunts the bridge and surrounding area to this day. Locals still sometimes report seeing bunny carcasses hanging from the bridge. Some say that on Halloween, one can see the spirit of Grifton roaming and moaning and chasing away unexpected teens, and anyone crazy enough to get close to the bridge will get chased away by a crazed ax man.

While the story of Bunnyman is a fun, spooky story to whisper around the campfire or freak out you little siblings with, is it true? Will you really get chased by an ax murderer, or hung and skinned alive by the ghost of an insane mental patient?  Probably not…

Or will you?