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Robinson Secondary School is a huge school. It has 9 acres of floor space and the main hallway runs east-west and is over 1,100 feet long. There are many mysterious places that students might be curious about. From dark corners to staircases that seem to lead to nowhere, get the scoop on all of Robinson’s not so secret places.

Hidden Rooms in the Field House

Hidden behind the bleachers in the gym are doors with rams painted onto them. These rooms are located on the back concrete walls and have gigantic locks on the doors. It makes you just wonder what’s hiding inside. It’s not so mysterious, after all! The two medium sized rooms each holds gymnasium equipment such as hula-hoops, basketballs, and more.

Miniature Elevators

These elevators are located in the main hall by each sub school. You may have seen these elevators when you’re walking to class, but don’t be fooled, they’re out of service. Back when Robinson was first built, they were supposed to be used for building maintenance. These elevators, however, no longer work and haven’t been used in a long time.

Where are the Lights and Music Controlled in Russell Theater?

Behind the ticket booth, there is a small room with huge control panels that control all of the lights and soundtracks. Every light that has flickered on and song that has been played has been controlled by students who are trained to operate the panels.  Pretty cool, right?

The Prop Closet

In every play or musical put on at Robinson, there are many costumes and props used. Where are they stored, though? Behind the curtains in Russell Theater and up a thin ladder is a room where all of the dresses, hats, and more are kept. On one side are all of the costumes, and on the other are the props.


The Staircase to Nowhere

When you’re walking to any of your classes in the D and E wing, have you noticed the staircase going up an extra flight? How about the door going into it next to Sra. Urban’s class in room D217? It seems to lead to nowhere, like it just stops at the next door having no purpose. Well, it does lead to somewhere! The staircase leads to the roof and can be accessed by staff only. There isn’t just one, there are more than five staircases that lead to the roof.