Student of the Quarter

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Every quarter, middle school students are chosen for the Student of the Quarter program.  Ms. Minai answers your questions about this program.

Q: How do you choose the candidates?

A: Each team gets together to discuss students who have stood out. Some of the characteristics teachers look for are grades or most improvement, citizenship, kindness, class participation, work ethic, and respect towards peers.

Q: How many students per team are chosen?

A: Two boys and girls per team.

Q: Is the program only for honor students or open to all students?

A: No! It is a program open to all students and we hope to display a variety of students from all types of classes. Our goal is that this is an all exclusive program.

Q: Who chooses the candidates every quarter?

A: The teams- with input from electives and off team teachers like math.

Q: Do they get a prize if they are chosen?

A: Yes, we gave out water bottles and Slurpee gift certificates first quarter and we hope to have a t-shirt ready by our second quarter award ceremony on February 14th.   
Congratulations to first quarter winners!