Peter Pan, Jr. Soars High

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Eighth grade brothers Steven and Aaron E star as Peter Pan and Hook in this year’s middle school musical. Photo credit: Rich Condit

After practicing hard for over three months, Robinson MS Drama presented their feature musical, Peter Pan, Jr., to the eagerly awaiting audience.  The opening night, which took place on February 9th, was a success, complete with the incredible energy of the performers, fantastic special effects, colorful costumes, imaginative dialogue, and many memorable moments, both funny and sad.  

This version of Peter Pan is a witty modern interpretation of the play.  Wendy, in the beginning of the play, is shown as a teenager with attitude attached to her phone. The Braves are replaced by the Brave Girls, dressed in flashy costumes, whose tribe is spearheaded by Tiger Lily.  Unlike the familiar Disney fairy, Tinkerbell is a green light, just as she is in the original play by J. M. Barrie.

The whole performance was very engaging but there were definitely a few special highlights.    The audience got a delightful surprise when Peter nimbly boarded his hoverboard to “fly”, followed by Wendy, John, and Michael on scooters. The best musical number was “I Won’t Grow Up”, accented with lively dancing and singing by the chorus of stubborn Lost Boys.  The most dramatic moment happened when Tink died, and Peter Pan was overwhelmed with grief, begging the audience to assist him.  At the climax of the play, the fight between Hook and Pan was thrilling, ending in a decisive victory for Peter Pan.  The funniest moment, however, was saved until the very end.  Mother and Father had agreed to adopt the lost boys, whom they thought just numbered six or seven, and many more lost boys kept on coming and coming through the window.

The stars of the play were eighth graders Anna F was Wendy, Steven E as Peter and Aaron E as Captain Hook, leading the whole cast in a wonderful performance.    Everyone contributed to create the magical, fantastical world of Neverland, resulting in a beautiful blend of vibrant colors, movements, songs and characters.