Brooke S


Brooke S is a seventh grader at Robinson Secondary School. She has a twin sister named Jessica and enjoys dancing as well as eating. Brooke has been dancing for two years. She loves to spend her free time eating too, but mostly candy. Her favorite candy is any hard candy like Jolly Ranchers or lollipops. Brooke would love to continue to dance for a while longer but not her entire life. When she is not dancing or in school, she enjoys playing with her dog. Her dog’s name is Hershey and she is a black lab. She has her for a long time and Brooke is very thankful for that. Hershey has had a big impact on Brooke’s life. Her dog has taught her a lot of things and makes her happy. The only thing she wishes her dog could do would be able to talk. If Brooke could pick one thing to keep with her out of the entire world, it would be Hershey.