Alice W


Alice W is an eighth grader at Robinson who has a passion for traveling. Traveling is a big part of her life and enjoys exploring and building new experiences. She is a runner for FPYC track and field, and hopes to be on the Robinson Cross Country and Track and Field teams. Running relaxes her and helps her accomplish other things. In her free time, Alice loves to hang out with her friends while surfing Netflix to watch Gilmore Girls or Gossip Girl. Her biggest fear is heights and she is scared of falling or of her dare devil sister testing her limits. A proud achievement of hers was when she received an A in Geometry. Her hard work, studying, and three or so hours of review with flashcards made her very proud of herself. In the future, she hopes to go to college in Germany to become an English teacher or Airplane Flight Coordinator because she is interested in math. This will help her travel often and do the things she loves.