Kate F


Kate F is in 7th grader who loves to play lacrosse and run track. She likes track because she loves to run and in track you don’t really do anything else but run. Kate likes lacrosse because it’s a fun sport, you get to run and catch a ball. Track is the main sport that Kate wants to focus on. She hopes to be the fastest at of all runners in Robinson. Kate’s goal is to run seven miles this summer. She has a older sister that she looks up to her. Her older sister does track too, so that’s another reason why Kate does track. Both girls like to run on hikes and run together sometimes on the weekend. They help each other a lot and hope to accomplish many things in track. When Kate isn’t running, she has a bunch of homework which is stressful for her. She also has to take care of her little sister who’s in second grade. Kate hopes to maintain good grades so she doesn’t have to worry about leaving track aside.