Military Kid Madness


Kayti C. is a new student here at Robinson this school year. Both of her parents are in the Air Force, so being a military kid is a monumental part of her life. She is the only child at home right now, but she does have one sister in Air Force ROTC, two adopted sisters (who are in the Air Force), and one adopted brother, who is also in the Air Force.

She has moved four times in her life, which comes naturally when someone has a parent or parents in the military. All of the moves have been within the United States including Maryland, Virginia (twice), and Colorado. Moving is not something that Kayti likes to do because having to say goodbye to friends is difficult, but she does like to travel, see different cultures, and meet different people in the process. Even though it is hard to move around a lot, it is important to her to have good ways of dealing with the stress and difficulty.

“I deal with it by both my parents support, and myself learning to make new friends and also make other military friends who understand what I am going through,” said Kayti.

One of her biggest dislikes of being a military kid is when her parents get deployed to foreign lands. This scares her because they are missed when they leave, and they are in a dangerous situation, which also worries her. She also does not like switching schools a lot; Kayti has attended six different schools over the course of thirteen years, while other kids usually get to stay at the same school for grades K-12. When Kayti is not traveling the country with her parents’ jobs, softball is one of her favorite pastimes, which she hopes to pursue later on in the year.

In the future, Kayti wants to be a Military Officer so that she can have the lifestyle that is enjoyable and familiar to her. As she has said, “I think it is just a good lifestyle, even though there are lots of downs to it, there are also a lot of ups.” Another reason being in the military is important is that all of her family (as listed above) is or was at some point in the military.