Home Schooled Student Transitions to Robinson


Abby F is a eighth grader at Robinson and it is her first year here. Abby’s dad is a orthodontist in the military. Abby is a military kid and even though she has moved around a lot she considers Mississippi home because that is where her whole family lives.

Before coming to Virginia she lived in Alaska. In Alaska she enjoyed helping out at her local animal shelter. It was called the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Animal Center.

“I really liked working at the animal shelter. My favorite part was helping the sweet little animals because it was really fun and they were really cute,”  she says.

Abby was previously homeschooled and this is her first year at a public school. She and her brother were in a homeschooling group. The reason that they were homeschooled is because they move around a lot, and they didn’t want to keep having to repeat curriculum.

“I really liked homeschooling because I had the opportunity to somewhat design my schedule. I usually had 5+ hours of work in a day; a lot of people think that homeschooling requires no work and that you can just sit in your pajamas all day, but that’s not the case. I would get up at six and get my work done so I have the rest of the day to enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. I think that Robinson is kind of overwhelming sometimes with all of the people and the homework. I think that it is more stressful to have to take tests and just work with so many people,” she says.

Dance is a big part of her life and she dances five days a week. Abby has been dancing since she was four. Currently, Abby dances at Center for ballet arts (CBA). Abby does ballet, pointe, and modern. Her favorite type of dance is ballet, including pointe.

When Abby gets older, she wants to go to Cornell University and become a veterinarian. This will let her spend time doing what she loves, helping animals.