Science Comes Alive with Mrs. Wright

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Science Comes Alive with Mrs. Wright

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Mrs. Wright is an 8th grade science teacher who uses creative ways to teach her students. At the end of the first quarter she did a demonstration with dry ice, and taught her students about atoms by having them “adopt” an element. Her students enjoy her class, and Mrs. Wright does what she can to give them a fun learning experience.

Q – What made you want to become a science teacher?

A – I wanted to be a science teacher because I think science is a  really important subject that many people don’t like because it is “boring”. I wanted to change that and make the way I teach science very fun and exciting so people could learn facts but also be really intrigued by science at the same time.

Q – Have you always wanted to be a Science teacher?

A – I originally thought I might like to be an elementary school teacher, but then when I went to college I realized that science was my passion and I would rather just focus on being really good at teaching that subject!

Q – Did you have any teachers who inspired you?

A – When I think of teachers who inspired me, the first teacher who comes to mind is my second grade teacher, Mrs. O’Brien. She was funny, kind, and caring, and taught me and my classmates important things in a really unique way. And she could draw so well… she always had a drawing to go along with our lessons and I try to incorporate that into my teaching by showing pictures and memes to my students every day (since I can’t draw!)

Q – Where did you go to college?

A –  I went to college at the University of Maryland, College Park. GO TERPS!

Q – When did you first start teaching at Robinson?

A – This is my second year of teaching at Robinson.

Q – Was your first teaching job at Robinson?

A – No, prior to teaching at Robinson I taught at another Fairfax County school called Lanier Middle School, and before that I did some teaching in Maryland.

Q – How long have you been teaching in general?

A – This is my 4th official year as a teacher, but I feel like I have always been “teaching” others in some way (like being a summer camp counselor and even while babysitting when I was younger).

Q – How do you come up with creative ideas to teach your students?

A – Many of the demonstrations and activities I do with my students are things I have found online, or ideas given to me by other awesome science teachers.