Little Mermaid Swims Into Russell Theater

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Amidst a stage of swirling blue colors and lights emerges a vibrant school of fish, twisting and turning in a complex dance. As the dance progresses, the whole cast soon becomes visible: mermaids with colorful costumes and shining tails, sailors donning preppy hats and white uniforms, seagulls sporting white feathers and striped tights. The Little Mermaid begins.

On opening night, Friday, February 5th, the audience waited in anticipation and watched in awe as the cast performed with endless energy, acting out the story of the Little Mermaid with flawlessly choreographed dances, catchy songs and beautiful props and costumes. The musical was brought to life by the sets, the multicolored lights and the special effects. It was directed by Mr. Drummond for the first time, who brought a new, exciting energy to the atmosphere of the play.

The defining moments of The Little Mermaid spanned throughout the musical. Much of the spotlight’s luminance shone on Sebastian, who guided the audience through the show with witty comic lines and dance moves. Sebastian and the rest of the fish dazzled with their demonstration of the ocean’s splendor in Under the Sea. Ariel sang for Prince Eric, bringing him (and the audience) back to life with her beautiful singing. Ursula and her minions managed to act sufficiently benevolent while coercing Ariel to give up her voice, and King Triton was a particularly disapproving father. The scene where Ariel and Prince Eric danced was especially touching. The funniest part of the play was probably when the princesses of the kingdom in line for Prince Eric’s hand showed off their singing skills, or lack thereof; while one screamed obnoxiously, another wobbled off-tune. They exited the stage in a chaotic mass of activity.

Although everyone in The Little Mermaid shaped the unique environment of the play, the main cast included Katherine P as Ariel, Jacob M as Eric, Ainsley M as Ursula, Jessica B as Triton, Shane W as Sebastian, Audrey G as Flounder, Shailey P as Scuttle, Katie V as Flotsam and Tori L as Jetsam. The musical concluded in a melodious final song and bows by the full cast over a rainbow background. Overall, The Little Mermaid was a harmonious blend of talented cast members, attention-grabbing dialogue and expressive acting.