IOS 12 Update Features

This is the new memoji feature in the IOS 12 update.

The IOS 12 update was released on September 17, 2018 by Apple. The update is focused on new Emoji types, FaceTime features, and Screen Time. The most liked features are the measure app and FaceTime features.

“It’s a pretty good update that I’ve seen. There are some really cool features, such as Animoji,” said Hamza L, 8th.

For the new IOS update Apple takes advantage of the new camera by adding Animoji and Memoji. Animoji is a augmented reality feature, capturing every facial movement you make and turning it into an animal face. In Animoji you can send it in a text message, along with just a picture or video. But the more modern feature being Memoji is a more customizable Emoji. Memoji is an Emoji, personalized to your facial features. As well as Animoji, Memoji can also be sent in a text, picture, or video. This leads to another major update feature, being a new QR scanner embedded into the camera app, allowing you to scan any QR code you see and get sent the link.

An additional feature the update provides is a more intelligent Siri. Siri now knows information such as celebrity birthdays and sport game scores. However, Siri still isn’t as intelligent as people would hope. Along with being able to make FaceTime calls from Siri. This leads to the new FaceTime features in the new IOS 12 update, such as being able to FaceTime 32 people at the same time. FaceTime will automatically make the speaker in your group call displayed bigger on your screen, or you may double tap on a group member to display them full screen. Another FaceTime feature is one of the most liked features being able to add filters, shapes, and text to your FaceTime screen display. Some filters being black and white, watercolor, and chrome. Also, in the text section you may choose any Emoji you would like and enlarge it to fit your face, so it would look as if your face is the Emoji.

Here are some of the new features in use.

“I mean, the screen time thing is kind of annoying. I don’t really ever use it, it is just there,” said Hannah S, 7th.

One of the most promoted features of IOS 12 is Screen Time. Screen Time is made to limit your time on your phone. There are four sub categories related to Screen Time, the first being Always allowed. This feature allows you to always use apps that you choose, such as text messages and phone being always allowed. The next category is App Limits which is aimed at limiting specific app categories, for example games and entertainment, which you can set a custom amount of time allowed for those apps. Another feature is Downtime, Downtime is in place to, usually at your bedtime, limit all apps except for always allowed apps. The last sub category is Content Restrictions which is to block inappropriate content for your age.