Historical Fiction for Middle Schoolers

Historical Fiction is a book genre which sets the story in a certain time period in history. Although it is fiction, the setting and history about the time period is real. These books a great way to learn history. Below is a list of top rated historical fiction books for middle schoolers.

Nine, Ten:
The book Nine, Ten: is a story written by Nora Baskin, and it is about the days leading up to 9/11. The story switches viewpoints from middle school students from across the United States. In the story, the students all have their own problems to worry about such as parents fighting or bullying. They had no idea what was going to happen, and they didn’t have any idea how much life would change after that.



Paperboy is story about a young boy growing up in the segregated south in the 60’s. Victor has struggled with a stutter his whole life. When he decides to take his friends paper route, Victor learns more about the people on his route, and his neighborhood. On his birth certificate, it says that his birth father is unknown, but when he learns that his stutter is genetic, he figures out something strange with his family tree.



Tituba is a story about a young African American slave born in Barbados, who was sold to a minister in Boston along with her husband. They arrived in 1692, just before the Salem Witch Trials. After the two girls Tituba was watching over started acting strange, the town’s doctor declared they must be “bewitched.” Tituba is then accused of being a “witch” and is put on trial. If she denies the accusations, she will be killed, but if she admits she is a witch, she will be punished. What will Tituba do?


Across Five Aprils

Newbery award winning book, Across Five Aprils, is written by Irene Hunt and takes place from 1861-1865. Jethro Creighton lives on a southern Illinois farm, and the book covers his life from nine years old to fourteen. The book talks about the struggles many faced during the Civil War. Jethro’s family is split, two of his brothers fight for the North and one fights for the South. Because of the brother who is a southern sympathizer, Jethro’s family is attacked by people in neighboring towns. Letters from his brothers show him just how devastating war can be.


All the Light We Cannot See

All the Light We Cannot See is a story written by Anthony Doerr. It is about a blind French girl and a German boy who meet in France, both trying to survive World War ll. Marie-Laure lives in Paris by the Museum of Natural History, and went blind when she was six. Werner lives in a mining town, and grows up with his sister. They both leave their homes, and their paths collide in Saint-malo.

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