Junior District Orchestra and District Band

Anna G is the only bass in her orchestra.

Junior District Orchestra and District Band are two music opportunities for middle schoolers. Both groups audition in November and the top students on each instrument are chosen. This year, 13 Robinson middle school students made JDO and 18 middle school students made District Band.

Anna G, a bass for JDO, said, “I liked how I was able to play more challenging music and I was finally able to play with other basses (Anna is the only bass in her orchestra). It was really fun.”

After students audition for JDO, the qualifying students receive the new music, so they can practice ahead of time. From strings, 43 violins, 16 violas, 14 cellos, and 5 basses were accepted. Junior District Orchestra is on January 19-20 at George Mason University. The students practice most of the day with a lunch break in the middle. Students practice in the morning on the 20 and their concert is in the afternoon.

Kaitlin C, a french horn for district band, said, “District band was a really great experience that I’m really glad I could take part in. We missed a full day of rehearsal because of snow, but the director was really fun and I enjoyed hanging out with old friends from other schools who were also in band. It required a lot of work to make the pieces sound good, but in the end, they came together to sound pretty cool.”

District band practiced at Woodson HS. They met in the evening on January 31, and all day on February 2. The members of district band did not get their music until they arrived. From band, (instruments that make it).

Both groups put on a great concert for the audience.