Ramping Up


Ramping Up is a summer camp for rising seventh graders at Robinson Secondary. There are three sessions, July 29-31, August 1-2 and August 5, and August 6-8. Each session runs from 8:00 to 12:00. On the last day, the camp will end at 12:30 with a pizza lunch, and students will receive a RAM t-shirt. The cost for one session is $50.

“The teachers were really nice and the classes were fun. It helped me for starting up the new school year,” said Clare S.

During Ramping Up, middle school counselors and teachers will talk about the Core Curriculum, Goal Setting, the Block Schedule and the Use of Digital Resources. Participants will practice Self-Advocacy Skills, Agenda Planner Use, Building Navigation and Locker Practice. Collaborative and Team Building Activities will also be part of the daily schedule.

“I liked getting to know the teachers and going to different classes. The most useful thing was learning how to open lockers,” said Reed H.

The goal of Ramping Up is to help students understand the schedule and their way around the school, to make friends, and to meet staff so that students will see familiar faces when they walk in on the first day of school. Registration opened on Wednesday, April 3. For questions about the curriculum or special needs of your student, contact 703-426-2339.







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