Clip it Off for Cancer

Clip it off for cancer is an SGA sponsored event that was held on Friday, April 12 to raise awareness for cancer. Before the assembly, students choose to donate or shave their hair. Students who signed up have a friend of staff member cut their hair in front of the whole school.

“I chose to speak at the assembly to honor my mom’s battle with cancer and to spread awareness. Although hard, cancer brought my family so much closer together. It’s important to remember the battles that have gotten us to where we are today,” said Valeria O.

There were a total of 34 hair donations and 16 head shavings. Three students, Valeria Ortiz, Judy Awamleh, and Alek Woglom, spoke about how cancer has affected their lives.

“I chose to cut my hair because my grandmother on my dad’s side had breast cancer when I was very young and my other grandmother died of cancer my freshman year. I always remembered my grandmothers both loved their wigs and I want more people to be confident and happy like they were,” said Rachel C.

In order to donate hair, participants must have at least ten inches or more. All of the donated hair goes to Locks of Love to help support cancer patients.

“I chose to do clip it off for cancer because my aunt had breast cancer and I wanted to see what she was going through getting her head shaved off so I did it too,” said Cooper R.

All images courtesy of Rich Condit