How will Amazon Progress in the Very Near Future?


Abigail R, Staff Member

Do you use Amazon? Whether it’s Amazon’s Alexa for everyday needs, Audible for listening to books enjoyably, or Amazon Prime to get items quickly and efficiently, you use Amazon. For better or worse, Amazon has become a trillion-dollar company with much power. When interviewing multiple staff members at Robinson Secondary School, it seemed like everyone had mixed feelings about Amazon. The big question is, will shopping malls be existent in the future because of how Amazon continues to progress daily? In your neighborhood, tons of Amazon packages are being delivered daily, and your local malls could be at stake in the future. Let’s dive into the past, present, and future of Amazon.

Amazon is a company that rose to the top out of nowhere. They are dominating at almost everything shopping-related. They first started as an online bookstore and slowly progressed into having the most online books, including podcasts. From there, they expanded into a trillion-dollar company. They started in Washington and are now in some of the biggest cities in the world, including Chicago and San Francisco to name a few. In 2018, Amazon opened a store called Amazon Go. If you hate waiting in line at the grocery store than fear no more, this store allows you to go in, shop around, and then walk out. There are no cashiers, so you must download the Amazon Go app in order to pay. However, there are only ten of these stores which are all located in Chicago. This is just the start of their rapid growth.

As we know, Amazon is very powerful and is used by many people all around the world, but how will Amazon continue to grow in the future? First of all, in January 2020, Amazon teamed up with a Korean company and made plans to reinvent its department store. This will include little to no human staff, replaced by advanced technology that allows a more modern way to organize products. Later in the future, Amazon also plans to invent all-powered home robots, which will serve as helpers to do tasks around the house. Delivery drones will most likely make an appearance here in the U.S. as well. The first Amazon drone delivery occurred in Cambridge, England because of the regulations against drones in America, but Amazon hopes they will be allowed here in the future. They will be able to deliver up to 5 pounds in just 30 minutes! Health care is another thing Amazon has planned for the future. Amazon has been supplying hospitals and various pharmacies around the globe, so it makes sense for them to start up their own health care. There could be much more in store for this uprising company.

How do people really feel about Amazon and its huge advancements? Mrs. Minai stated, “favorably it’s nice, but there are concerns about security.” On the other hand, Frau Ostermann-Healy feels as though Amazon is “not very good.” She feels like Amazon is taking over local food stores. Mr. Portare thinks shopping malls will be without cashiers and everything will be paid with on phones. Mrs. Minai believes that Amazon will “take over the world” someday. Everybody interviewed said that they prefer shopping out and about rather than online. The data reviewed showed that the use of Amazon ranges. For instance, Frau Ostermann-Healy only uses Amazon three times a year because it produces a lot of waste and kills smaller businesses. On the other side of the spectrum, Mrs.Tran searches on Amazon five times a month and orders about once a month. Overall, everyone agrees that the prices on Amazon are either better or it depends on the item being bought. How do they feel about dead malls being taken over by Amazon? Well, Mrs. Manai believes that it’s a good use of space, while Mr. Portare would rather them to stay as shopping malls. As you can see, everybody at Robinson and just in general, have different opinions about Amazon.

So, how will Amazon continue to progress in the future? Amazon started as a little online site, but now has grown so much! Although nothing is set in stone, some of Amazon’s future plans include drone deliveries, home robots, Amazon health care, and more. Could malls really go out of business and become overpowered by this huge company? Our world continues to progress with technology daily and Amazon is right along with the trend.