Adoption Awareness


Jasmine S

Each year, approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed in the U.S. You may have heard heartbreaking tales about dogs, or other animals, that were adopted/rescued. Some of those “stories” were true.

You may be wondering what you can do to decrease those deaths. Well, there is actually something you can do, and it’s at Robinson Secondary School. There will be a donation drive for the animals at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter starting December 6th and going until January 15th. There will be a box for the donation items at the front office at Robinson. Donations from the ‘wish list’ go directly to support shelter animals, both at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter and in the foster program. You could be saving a life! Any donations would be much appreciated! Thank you! 

Click on the Amazon link below to go to the list of items needed that you should donate.*Version*=1&*entries*=0&ie=UTF8&lid=96AEL1WS4QHR&ty=wishlist



Views on Animal Adoption


Do you think that it’s important to adopt/rescue your pet instead of buying a dog from a breeder? 


Amelia says: If you get a dog from a shelter, you could potentially be saving that dogs life if it is a shelter that puts dogs down. If you are getting an older dog from a shelter, you are allowing that dog to have a potentially happier life.



Madeleine says: Sometimes it’s important, it depends on how the breeder or adoption place handles their animals.



Jordan says: Both are equally important. Rescuing, not adopting, or buying a dog, is more important though.



Jen says: Yes, because there are so many dogs (and other animals) that would benefit from being with a loving family, and that family would benefit from being with them, if that family is one person or many. All of the animals that are at these shelters need that love, and want to give it, and want to be with a family. Then there are also kill shelters that euthanize animals if they’re not adopted, and I think it’s very important that we get those animals out of the kill shelters.



Evelyne says: Yes, it is important to adopt from a shelter first, because there are many dogs in need of a home. Anyone wants to buy a dog from a breeder, but not many people go to shelters. That is why you should go to shelters first.



Becky says: 

I can understand why some people might want to choose a dog from a specific breed, but there are so many dogs in need of a good home who would not survive if people did not take them in and give them love and care. Everyone who is looking for a dog should consider adopting a dog and look into their local rescue groups and shelters!


Names: Blanche & Dorothy

Suspected Breed: Corgi-Golden Retriever mix

Suspected Age: 14

Blanche and Dorothy’s owners were originally looking for just one pet at a shelter, but when they saw Blanche and Dorothy they had to help them. In the shelter, the poor dogs were kept in separate cages, which made them very upset. At six months old, the siblings only had each other. According to the shelter, the dogs ran away as very young puppies. Their birth is a mystery, and they could have been born in the wild, from a breeder, or another shelter. No one knew exactly what breed they were, but they knew that they were litter mates. Their owner, Amelia, says “I feel like having a dog has a positive impact on the entire family. Dogs are kind and caring, and they give people love and attention. I can’t imagine living without dogs.” She says that her dogs are “…caring, sweet, and a little crazy, but in a good way.” Blanche and Dorothy were named after two characters in “The Golden Girls”.


Name: Titian

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

Age: 11

Titian was six months old when his owner’s parents bought him from a breeder. His name was Ziggy at the time, as he has a Z shaped zig-zag of white fur on his back. His owner, Jordan, says that Titian is mostly just sleepy and happy now that he’s older. When he was younger, though, he was energetic and would run around his big backyard. He loves to eat scrambled eggs and pumpkins.


Name: Sakura

Suspected Breed: Havanese

Suspected Age: 14

Sakura’s owner was looking for a dog to help with her husband’s hearing problem, acting as a service dog and alerting him to important sounds. They needed a non-shedding dog, as her husband was actually allergic to dogs. Her owner, Jen, says “We wanted to adopt a dog from a shelter because we thought that dogs from shelters deserve homes too. We were pretty sure that we could find a dog that we would love just as much as a dog from somewhere else. We thought that we could find the dog that we needed at a shelter, so we didn’t see a reason to look at a breeder.” Jen went online and looked at different dogs that were going to be eligible at different adoption events. Every time they went to one of the events, the dog they wanted was always gone. They were starting to get discouraged, but when they found Sakura online and talked to the people running the adoptions, then they were able to fill out the paperwork needed and go early enough to have a chance. At the adoption, there were fourteen other people who wanted Sakura, then named Shakira. There was a lottery, and by some miracle, Jen’s name was picked first to decide which puppy she wanted. She picked Sakura, of course. Jen says that “Sakura changed our lives completely. I’ve never had a dog before her, and I never would have wanted a different first dog. She’s amazing. She helps my husband with his hearing, she helped my children when they were babies… Sakura has brought a lot of love to our family.” Sakura is witty and communicative. The word Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese.


Name: Ellie Mae/Ellie for short

Suspected Breed: Yellow lab mix

Suspected Age: 2

Ellie’s family had been wanting a dog for a long time. They decided that they wanted to rescue a dog who needed a loving home. They had found pictures of Ellie online, and decided they wanted to meet her. The whole family went to see her at her foster mom’s home. She was only 12 weeks old, and she was very sweet and cute. Ellie was afraid of everything! Over time she got more comfortable in our home and on walks in the neighborhood. One of her owners, Madeleine, says that “Ellie has made me happier… She’s adorable and hyper.” Ellie loves jerky treats.  Ellie makes Madeleine “…feel like the luckiest child in the world.” Ellie is an important member of the family!


Name: Moe

Breed: Brussels Griffon

Age: 6

Clara, Moe’s owner, and her family got Moe from a breeder in Pennsylvania. Now, 

about five years and eight months later, Moe brings joy to Clara’s family in everything

he does, including eating entire sticks of butter and chapstick! Clara says that she’s 

super happy whenever Moe’s around so that she can play with him and have a good 

time. Moe loves to eat green beans and anything he’s not supposed to have. Moe is 

  also sweet, energetic, loving, and social.


Name: Roxy

Breed: Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix

Age: 5

Roxy was adopted from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Her owner, Evelyne says “We wanted a small dog that was house trained and good with kids. So we got Roxy!” She is very kind, sweet, and quiet. Roxy makes Evelyne and her family feel happy every day. Her favorite food is a meat flavored dental stick. Roxy’s name used to be Foxy when she was at the shelter. Roxy knows many tricks, including sit, stay, down, hand, and up.


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