Meghan Markle

Abigail Ross, Journalist

Meghan Markle was born on August 4, 1981, in Canoga Park, Los Angeles, CA. Her real name is Rachel Meghan Markle. Her parents divorced when she was only six years old. After they divorced, she lived with her mom Doria Ragland. At age eleven, Meghan was working on a homework assignment when she heard a commercial about Ivory dish soap ad aimed solely at women. She wrote a letter to the company and asked to change it to people. But the startling thing is that they actually changed it to people. She rose to fame after playing a few roles in movies, and TV shows. The first time she aired on TV she was a nurse on General Hospital. She married Prince Harry in 2018. She supports a number of charities through her patronages, which include focusing on the arts and women’s empowerment. She is now Duchess of Sussex.

She loves food and in one interview she called herself a foodie. She even had a blog called The Tig, where she talked about the food she had, travel, fashion, and beauty. But since she has become a Duchess she has had to give that up. But if you go to her page, you can still see the good-bye message to her followers. She even did some things on the side, like calligraphy. She loved helping other women feel empowered. She did many camping for women’s empowerment, such as One-Young World.

Meghan and her husband took a 10-day trip to Africa. While there, she went around many places in Africa empowering other girls in the school system who have been through a major trauma because of their teachers. Her husband has also been doing the same, and some other things, like going to former minefields just like his mother once did. She also introduced her new baby in Africa too, Archie is the newest royal in town. Fans on social media can’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance between the baby and prince harry. Meghan even has a nickname for him. Meghan can be heard saying “Oh, Bubba!” as she carries him into the building. Maybe we will get to see more of him in the very near future.

She is thriving in her new home, but others would beg to differ. She may just be putting on a show, or people want to tear her down, whatever the case you can find her on magazines with headlines talking about how she took a lot of the royal jewels and so on. But is any of this actually true? The Queen has refused to talk to Meghan and Prince Harry according to a royal insider, but that was just an insider, maybe just someone random. We never really know what is fake and what is not, but what you can assume is that it is most likely fake. So don’t get too caught up in what the magazine.

But what do the people at Robinson really think about her? Well, I went around and asked them a few questions each, and I even had some fill out an online form. Most said, “I’ve heard the name, but I’m not sure of what she does exactly,” others said they knew absolutely nothing about her or who she is. Others sympathize with her, saying, “I think she would indeed miss being an actress but attending to her real need probably makes her feel better.” Some stated they know “obviously there’s pressure on her.” And some think she could be in some serious trouble for bending the rules, saying “Bending the rules could be consequential in her position.” I realized that people here at Robinson really don’t know much about her, maybe because she is in a different country.

No matter what the people here at Robinson really think about her, she is an amazing woman, who is always fighting for women’s rights. She is living the life, a new husband, a new son, maybe not the most loving family, but at least she has a big one.