Devon R, Editor

Our country right now is at a giant track practice. We must plank for a minute, but the timer doesn’t start until everyone’s up. In a perfect world, we all start at the beginning and hold strong until the end. You may start hurting towards the end, wanting to drop to your knees, and the odds that the coach sees you and adds time are slim, but there is always a chance. I feel that I have been planking for months and our timmer has been going on for a while. I look around and I see people close to me are dropping, thinking the coach isn’t watching anymore, but he is. 

Guidelines are loosening soon, yet just yesterday the numbers went up more than ever. The people that are dropping are the ones hugging friends, ignoring regulations, and putting themselves and those around them at a higher risk. You may think there’s no chance your friends have it, but you never know. 

Why am I still planking them, you might ask. Well, the truth is, if I started disobeying the law, most likely I would turn out fine. But the whole reason this is spreading is simply because of people; people not wearing masks, or going to parties, or thinking they’re not infected. I am still planking because me staying home gives my sister a better chance of going to college next year, fall sports starting on-time, and the hope that when I do go back to school, I’ll be able to say hi to my friends walking down the hallway.