Top Ten Most Useless Harry Potter Spells

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Top Ten Most Useless Harry Potter Spells

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#10: Piertotum Locomotor

This spell, used by professor McGonagall in The Deathly Hallows Part Two, was used to animate, or bring to life, an army of knight statues in order to defend Hogwarts. This sounds pretty awesome, which is why I’ve put this spell in the tenth slot, but unless you’re visiting some sort of Gothic castle on vacation, this spell will not be useful to you, at all.

#9: Avis9

The purpose of this spell is to conjure birds from your wand. This can be amusing if you’re alone, but to everyone else you’ll just be “that annoying kid who plays with magic birds all day”, and we all know you don’t want to be that kid.


#8: Homenum Revelio

Hermione uses this spell in The Deathly Hallows Part One to check if there are any humans in a house that she, Harry and Ron had found. The only problem is that the spell only reveals humans, and not monsters, such as Kreacher, who is a house elf. So in the world of Harry Potter, this spell is almost useless.

#7: Specialis Revelio7

Specialis Revelio is a spell that reveals the magical properties of an object. Yeah, like I want to know if my broccoli is cursed.

#6: Cistem Apairio

This spell is used to open chests and boxes, but only chests and boxes. Okay fine, it can be very useful sometimes, but since when are you going to find a big elaborate chest in your everyday life?

#5: Meteolojinx Recanto

Meteolojinx Recanto is a spell that is used to end the effect of weather spells. This spell is not very useful because if there aren’t any other wizards in your area that want it to rain or something, you’re not going to have to use this spell any time soon.

#4: Tarantallegra4

The purpose of this spell is that it forces people to dance. This would be hilarious to everyone, except the person who is dancing. The only big downside to this spell or prank, is that you might lose a friend, or if the victim is a wizard himself, initiate a duel.

#3: Rictumsempra

This spell, when performed, will tickle the victim. This is along the same lines of Tarantallegra, but has less negative effects. This spell is only in front of Tarantallegra because the effect it has on the victim is not as drastic.

#2: Anteoculatia2

Anteoculatia shapes the victims hair into antlers. This is just confusing to me. Why would you want to turn someone’s hair into antlers? It doesn’t make much sense if you ask me.

#1: Arania Exumai

This spell, performed by Harry himself, repels giant spiders. But here’s the catch: IT ONLY REPELS GIANT SPIDERS. In the real world, the biggest spider is only the size of a dinner plate. But NO, this spell only repels spiders that are like the size of a car, and those don’t exist!