The Medallion

2015-2016 Staff

Ryan K

Ryan K (7th) is passionate about soccer, lacrosse and basketball. Hard working and responsible are words Ryan would use to describe himself. His favorite movie is 2 Fast 2 Furious and he would like to meet Kevin DeBruyne someday. Ryan’s top five favorite sports are soccer, lacrosse, basketball, hockey...

Hadi S

Hadi S (8th) is passionate about soccer. He would like to meet Tom Brady someday and his favorite movie is Ted 2. Funny, athletic and smart are the three words Hadi would use to describe himself. Hadi’s top five sports are soccer, tennis, football, rugby and swimming. Best thing about Robinson? The...

David R

David R (7th) is passionate about basketball, family and his future. He would love to meet Magic Johnson someday and his favorite movie is Fast Five. Dedicated, trustworthy and hard-headed are three words David would use to describe himself. David’s top five favorite sports are basketball, soccer, ...

Joseph L

Joseph L (7th) is passionate about reading. He couldn’t live without books, YouTube and his dog, Annie. Funny, witty and smart are the three words Joseph would use to describe himself. Joseph’s favorite things to do in his free time are read, grow plants, watch YouTube or TV and use the

Zachary D

Zachary D (7th) enjoys playing soccer and games. His favorite movie is I am Legend and he would like to meet Kevin Hart someday. Zachary describes himself as funny, nerdy and tall. He couldn’t live without his phone, food and water. Zachary’s favorite soccer players are Messi, Pele, Ronaldo, Neymar...

Bobby D

Bobby D (7th) is passionate about reading and sports. Three things he couldn’t live without are sports, books and his phone. Athletic, sporty and food are the three words Bobby would use to describe himself. His favorite football players are Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, Reggie White and W...

Franciszek S

Franciszek S (8th) is interested aviation, sailing, technology, food, soccer and cinematography. He would describe himself as creative, passionate and motivated. Franciszek can be found biking, sailing or playing tennis in his leisure time. Three things he can’t live without are his watch, God and ...

Bailey S

Bailey S (8th) enjoys soccer and painting. She’d love to meet Justin Bieber someday. Outgoing, creative and talkative are the three words Bailey would use to describe herself. Her top five Netflix shows are One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and That 70’s Show. Bailey’s favorite thing abou...

Elaine R

Elaine R (8th) loves video games, Minecraft and chibi art. She describes herself as passionate, organized and calm. The best thing about Robinson for Elaine would have to be all the friends she has made while here. Her favorite movies are Batman vs. Superman, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant Man, Guardians of...

Diego P

Diego P (7th) is passionate about soccer. His favorite players are Dimitri Payet, Harry Kane, Paul Pogba, Robert Lewandowski and Blaise Matuidi. Diego describes himself as funny, cute and chivalrous. Three things he couldn’t live without are soccer, books and TV.

Esther P

Esther P (7th) enjoys running and dodgeball. She describes herself as annoying, crazy and active. Esther could not live without her phone, her charger and food. Her top five games are Pixel Gun 3D, Wipeout, slither.oi, Clash of Clans and Temple Run. Favorite thing about Robinson? There are many after...

Ellie M

Ellie M (8th) enjoys swimming and yoga. She describes herself as caring, calm and athletic. Ellie’s favorite quote is, “You miss every shot you don’t take.” Her favorite YouTubers are Tyler Oakley, Zoella, Connor Franta, Casper Lee and Miranda Sings.

Alexa M

Alexa M (7th) is passionate about dance, music, writing and art. This self proclaimed fangirl loves the movie Captain America: The First Avenger and she’d like to meet Sebastian Stan who plays Bucky in Captain America. Alexa couldn’t live without books, paint or food. Her favorite thing about Rob...

Riley M

Riley M (8th) is passionate about soccer and enjoys tanning in her free time. She would love to meet Justin Bieber someday. Riley couldn’t live without her family, friends and sports. Her favorite TV shows that are still airing are Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Ridicu...

Melora K

Melora K (7th) describes herself as shy, caring and hardworking. Her favorite thing about Robinson is getting to attend school with her sisters and friends. Melora’s favorite free time activities are watching YouTube or TV, practicing gymnastics, spending time with her family or drawing. ...

Jessica K

Jessica K (7th) loves drawing, reading and animating. Her favorite movies are Zootopia and Mr. Right. Three things Jessica couldn’t live without are Undertale, pens and soup. Her favorite things about Robinson? The electives, clubs and overall positive teachers....

Erin J

Erin J (7th) is passionate about swimming and enjoys sleeping in her free time. She couldn’t live without Netflix, Kraft Easy Mac and sleep. Erin describes herself as calm, caring and considerate. Her favorite thing about Robinson is being able to be with all of her friends....

Andrew J

Andrew J (7th) is passionate about soccer and science. He’d love to meet Pele someday. Video games that Andrew enjoys are Undertale, Earthbound, Soul Calibur II, Star Wars Battlefront and Terraria. His favorite thing about Robinson? His great friends.

Noah H

Noah H (8th) enjoys playing soccer and loves everything about Robinson. Three things he couldn’t live without are his family, soccer and summer. Noah describes himself as good looking, smart, athletic, funny and awesome.

Lauren H

Lauren H (7th) is passionate about music and writing. Tim Burton, an American film director, producer, artist, writer and animator,  is someone she’d like to meet someday.  Lauren’s favorite movies are Beetlejuice, The Shining, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland and Coraline....

Ethan G

Ethan G (7th) enjoys video games and silence. In fact, his words to live by are “Shhh” and he would enjoy it if the cafeteria was quieter. Ethan could not live without dogs, wifi and food. His favorite thing about Robinson is the building.

Liam G

Liam G (7th) loves wrestling and playing video games. His favorite video games are Call of Duty franchise, Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Star Wars Battlefront. Liam’s favorite thing about Robinson is all the freedom students have....

Emily G

Emily G (7th) is funny, crazy and kind. Her leisure activities include parkour, swimming and theater sports. Emily is passionate about art, drama, music and improv. Someday she hopes to meet Tina Fey.

Connor D

Connor D (7th) loves lacrosse and would like to meet LAX professional Paul Rabil someday. His five favorite sports teams are the Redskins, Johns Hopkins, the NY Lizards, the Wizards and the Capitals. The best thing about Robinson for Connor is the lacrosse team.  

Darci D

Darci D (7th) describes herself as funny, clumsy and crazy. After school she enjoys playing soccer, drawing and watching YouTube. Her favorite thing about Robinson is that we don't have the same classes everyday. Someday Darci would like to meet Miranda Sings.

Kelly B

Kelly B (7th) loves swimming, lacrosse and Robinson athletics. Her favorite movie is The Blind Side and she'd love to meet Tom Brady someday. Kelly's top five shows to binge watch on Netflix are Friday Night Lights, Teen Wolf, Gilmore Girls, Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy.

Carson B

Carson B (7th) loves soccer, basketball and eating. His favorite movie is Iron Man and he'd love to meet Steph Curry someday. Elective classes are Carson's favorite thing about Robinson.    

Ariana C

Ariana (8th) loves sports and enjoys playing basketball, soccer and volleyball after school at Robinson. Someday she would love to meet Matthew Espinosa or Stephen Curry and go to a Golden State Warriors game.

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