The Medallion

Alyssa B
My favorite quote is: “I will smile no matter how hard or difficult the situation is.” I like it because it increases my confidence and helps me stay positive in the worst situations.  Three things I couldn’t live without are computers, phones, and music because computers help me keep in touch with my family, phones help me navigate when I’m lost, and music helps me feel relaxed and happy.  You might be surprised to know that I was afraid of cats and small spaces when I was little.  Someday I’d like to visit all over Europe and Asia because of its many beautiful places.  This year, I hope to learn a lot of new and advanced things in each class!  My favorite thing about Robinson is the students because each of them is unique and most of them are surprisingly nice.

Alyssa B, Staff Writer

Nov 04, 2016
Top 5 Animes of 2016 (Story)
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Alyssa B