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Andrea M
Andrea M. is a 8th grader that goes to Robinson. She is a dancer. Dance is something she is passionate about. All of her time and energy goes into dance, and sees herself dancing in the future.  She does a type of Peruvian dance. Her mom got her into dancing and has had the biggest impact on her life because she has helped her with a lot of her problems. Her mother is her biggest judge, and is honest with her. It might sound easy, but Andrea has a big struggle trying to balance all her hobbies like dancing, art, and being with friends and family. Things may not be easy but she would not change a thing. Dance for her is a form of expression, it helps her express herself and is a way for Andrea to relax. It’s a way to escape her troubles and thoughts and just be herself.  Written by Maya S.

Andrea M, Staff Writer

Apr 21, 2017
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Andrea M