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Ashlee O
Ashlee O is a seventh grader who likes to draw and take photos. Ashlee spends a lot of time drawing different things. One topic that she draws a lot of is some of the real life photos she takes with her camera. She started drawing when her mom told her that when she was her age that she drew things too. Ashlee’s mom has been a big influence on her because she inspires her every day and gives her great advice. Ashlee would consider selling her artwork to people who are really inspired by her pieces. She does not want her artwork to just hang on a wall, she wants someone to be inspired by it. She has many favorite pictures that she has taken and drawn. Ashlee likes taking pictures of nature, but she also likes to take pictures of other things too.

Written by Lauren S

Ashlee O, Staff Writer

Apr 24, 2017
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Ashlee O