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Brooke H
I’m inspired by people who create something new and amazing, like plays, books, songs, or movies. They inspire me to do something amazing that no one has thought of before. Someday I would like to help make an animated movie for Disney or Pixar. If I were to become a famous YouTuber, my channel would be about funny life experiences I have had. Four things I could not live without are friends, family, music, and Pinterest. My reasons are that no friends or family for all of your life would be very lonely, music is amazing and helps me relieve stress, and Pinterest is super funny.  My favorite quote is: “If nothing goes right…  go left.” I like it because it reminds me not to give up. My favorite sport is dance. Jazz and ballet are my favorite styles of dance because they are so different but equally amazing at the same time.

Brooke H, Staff Writer

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Brooke H