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Joshua G
Joshua  G is an eighth grader attending Robinson. He wants to be an engineer someday. The thing that inspired him to become an engineer is seeing how amazing it looks to make machines and buildings. Joshua thinks that school is really hard though and if he wants to become an engineer he needs to do his homework and start inventing and imagining what he can do to. He has many hobbies like walking his  dogs and playing video games. He likes video games because he says it takes away some of the stress in school. Josh likes swimming and football because he thinks they are fun sports. Joshua has two brothers and a sister, one of his brothers is a twin, the other is two years older. He also has two dogs, one is a Australian shepard, the other is a Chesapeake Bay retriever. He spends his leisure time petting and playing with his dogs.

Written by Yousef T

Joshua G, Staff Writer

Mar 23, 2017
Jacob K (Story)
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Joshua G