The Medallion

Kayley M
This year I hope I get good grades because I want to get honor roll. Also, my dad would be very happy with me. If I got honor roll it would be my first time. I’m going to try really hard this year. I hope my lowest grade is a B. My favorite thing to do is hang out with friends. I like having sleepovers and walking places with friends. I love going on little adventures with them. My friends are like family to me. We’re really close and we only get closer. You might be surprised to know that I did gymnastics for almost 8 years. Now I’m not flexible at all, though. If I were Youtube famous, my video channel would be about my whole life and what I do. I would post videos about what I do with friends or when I go on vacation. I would make videos about what I’m thinking about. Maybe even some funny ones about bad decisions I’ve made. I would make sure it’s full of interesting things.

Kayley M, Staff Writer

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Kayley M