The Medallion

Lauren S
Lauren S is a seventh grader who loves her guinea pigs. Most of Lauren’s time in her life she spends with her two guinea pigs, Peppermint and Arnold. Peppermint earned his name because when she got the guinea pig it smelled like peppermint. Arnold was named by her brother. She spoils Peppermint and Arnold all the time with carrots and other veggies. Every time her little pets are happy they make sounds, and she likes it when they purr. However, if they squeak it annoys her.  When her Guinea pigs squeak sometimes the neighbors can hear. Both of the guinea pigs were rescues from a big shelter. Inside of their cage they have a house. Lauren slept inside of the guinea pigs’ cage before which is six feet long. Her favorite one is Peppermint because he is more the adventuress one. Lauren is thankful that her parents let her get them. Getting them was the best thing in her life that has happened to her. Written by Ashlee O.

Lauren S, Staff Writer

Mar 23, 2017
Carly J (Story)
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Lauren S