The Medallion

Madeline J
My most favorite thing about Robinson would have to be when we go to lunch and back from lunch. The teachers don’t treat us like babies and walk us to lunch and back. I think the reason why they do that at Robinson is because they know how old and mature we are, and most importantly, they trust us. I completely respect that responsibility  they have given us.

Some helpful advice I would give  adults is that when you lecture us kids and yell, we stop listening, we are never going to learn. If you make your speech short and firm, I’m pretty sure for whatever we did, we won’t do it again.

The people  I’m most inspired by are my mom and my dad. My mom is a very good mom. She fulfilled my life and I’m ready to do the same with my family. I want to follow in her footsteps. I’m inspired by my wonderful dad because he is an Air Force pilot. I also want to follow him, to be a lawyer in the Air Force.

My favorite quote is” It’s not about winning, but taking the part.” I don’t know why I like it, but I just do.

Madeline J, Staff Writer

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Madeline J