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Maya S
Maya S is an 8th grader that attends Robinson Secondary school. Maya loves to hang out with friends and family, and has a passion for playing volleyball. Volleyball is a sport that her dad got her into, and she now loves it. Having a lot on her mind, she does her best to stay focused and do well in school. Maya finds playing volleyball helps her get her mind off of stuff. Sports has a big impact on her family, which they all take seriously and love. She loves both her friends and family and cares about them. “Even if they act immature I still love them,” says Maya. Volleyball is a sport she wants to go far with and not let her parents down, but it's really hard because her parents are in the military and it is hard to find teams since she moves around so much .  As a player and a student, Maya doesn’t want anything to bring her down and not make her succeed in school or volleyball. She hopes to continue playing her sport and having fun.  Written by Andrea M.

Maya S, Staff Writer

Mar 23, 2017
Amira H (Story)
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Maya S