The Medallion

Priyanka G
My favorite quote is “You miss a hundred percent of the shots you do not take” because it really inspires me to try different things and be more outgoing. Three things I could not live without are the color pink, chocolate, and pillows. I am in love with the color pink, I love chocolate and everybody should have a pillow in their life. If I were to become YouTube famous, my channel would consist of either do it yourself videos or miniature clay sculpture tutorials. I am inspired by Serena Williams because I play tennis too. Serena is such a good player and she was number one for a long time until she was eliminated in the semifinals at the U.S. Open this year. Some advice I would like to give adults is, to live in the twenty-first century and not to say, “back in my day”. Someday I would like to meet a unicorn.

Priyanka G, Staff Writer

Jan 10, 2017
The Process of Making Chocolate (Story)
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Priyanka G