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Sabrina D
Sabrina D is a seventh grader who is passionate about basketball. Playing the sport makes her happy because it doesn’t require a lot of thinking. She doesn’t need to be too rough in basketball. When the other team gets aggressive it stresses Sabrina out, but with stress also comes victory. Every time she wins a game she feels thrilled. Along with basketball, Sabrina is also someone who loves schoolwork. She worries about grades, but her mother helps her a lot with schoolwork and other things that could cause stress. Her mom is a significant person in her life because she never gives up on her. Besides her mother, she has four brothers and one sister in her family. Sabrina describes herself as fun and energetic, and she is a very determined person.


Written by Emily P

Sabrina D, Staff Writer

Mar 28, 2017
Kate F (Story)
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Sabrina D