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Thomas M
I’m inspired by regular everyday people doing heroic acts because it tells me that there are people who are out there who don’t wait for the heroes to show up. They step in and do it. It gives me hope that people are not watching and hoping. People are doing and helping.

If I were to become a famous YouTuber, my channel would be a gaming channel. I find it fun to make people laugh and be happy through something that I love.

My favorite thing about Robinson is all the freedom that you get. The adults give you more responsibility. They expect me to get to class on time and turn my homework in on time. For some people, responsibility scares them, but not me. I want to show my parents that I can have a big responsibility.

You might be surprised to know that I read every Harry Potter book when I was in first grade. I was just learning to read and we were at the school library and I wandered into the big kids' section. I picked up the book because the picture looked cool and checked it out. I had some trouble reading it at first but then I got better. My mom was surprised when I came home with it. Great book series.

Three things I can't live without is my food, my family, sports. I love food. I chose my family because I would be lost without my sister to play with me or to talk to. I like sports because it's my way of life. I will get lazy if I don't play sports. My favorites are baseball, soccer, and cross country.  

Thomas M, Staff Writer

Jan 17, 2017
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Thomas M