The Medallion

Walter G
I am a 7th grader that loves Robinson because not only do I get to see my friends every day, but I get to learn and have fun! Different is the word I would choose to describe everyone in 7th grade. If I were to become Youtube famous, my channel would be about American sports, sports bloopers, and new things about sports. Three things that I couldn’t live without are my family, my friends, and books because my family is the reason I have what I have and am what I am and my friends are always there for me and make me laugh and books are the ones that take me on a different adventure every chapter. You might be surprised to know that I want to be in the military one day to give back to the country I know and love. Someday I’d like to go on an RV around all the United States or at least all the National Parks. This year I’d like to get all A’s and make as many new friends as I can.

Walter G, Staff Writer

Oct 25, 2016
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Walter G